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Quantifying Quality Health


Quality MeasureCHCP GoalCHCP Results (January-September 2016)
Diabetic ControlDiabetic Control: Patients whose HbA1c levels are less than or equal to 9 percentGoal: 78% of diabetic patients will have controlled diabetes68.18%
Hypertension ControlMeasure: Percentage of hypertensive patients with controlled blood pressureGoal: 75% of hypertensive patients will have a controlled blood pressure67.91%
Childhood ImmunizationPercentage of 2 year old children immunized (Change in measure to include the addition of Hep. A and 2 flu shots)Goal: 92% of 2 year children will be immunized53.99%
Adult BMI & CounselingPercentage of Adult with BMI and Documented Counseling CHCP Goal:Goal: 95% will have a documented BMI and counseling97.87%
Tobacoo Assessment and InterventionPercentage of Adults assessed for tobacco use and received advice CHCP Goal:Goal: 99% will be assessed for tobacco use and received cessation advice97.57%
Asthma Pharmacologic TherapyPercentage of asthmatic patients ages 5-40 with preventative pharmacologic therapyGoal: 85% of patients with persistent asthma were treated with a preventive medication93.13%

Our Mission

Community Health Centers of Pinellas's mission is to provide quality healthcare services to all.