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Quantifying Quality Health


CHCP at BayfrontCervical Cancer Screening ages 24-64 years of ageYear/Date
Diabetic ControlDiabetic Control: Patients whose HbA1c levels are less than or equal to 9 percentGoal: 78% of diabetic patients will have controlled diabetes
CHCP at BayfrontInfluenza Rates 6 months of Age and OlderYear/Date
At least annually the practice measures one immunization goalInfluenza Rate 2014 - 2015 10% Influenza Rate 2015 - 2016 41%2016 January - September 2016
CHCP at BayfrontGeneric Versus BrandYear/Date
Generic verses brand medication is a measure that affects health care costs84%January -September 2016
CHCP at BayfrontFamily/Patient Family Experience-time in waiting roomYear/Date
The practice obtains feedback from patients/families on their experience with their care69%January -September 2016
Community Health Centers of Pinellas continues its efforts to provide quality healthcare to all.The tables above highlight current data.

Our Mission

Community Health Centers of Pinellas's mission is to provide quality healthcare services to all.