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Quantifying Quality Health


Quality MeasureCHCP Goal2018 Results2019 Results Jan.-Sept.
Diabetic ControlDiabetic Control: Patients whose HbA1c levels are less than or equal to 9 percentGoal: 80% of diabetic patients will have controlled diabetes72%78%
Hypertension ControlPercentage of hypertensive patients whose blood pressure is less than 140/90Goal: 75% of hypertensive patients will have controlled blood pressure82%82%
Childhood ImmunizationPercentage of children 2 years of age who received age appropriate vaccines by their 2nd birthdayGoal: 70% of children will be immunized by age 2N/AN/A
Adult BMI & Follow-Up PlanPercentage of adult patients with BMI documented and follow-up plan documented if BMI is outside normal parametersGoal: 98% of adult patients will have their BMI documented and receive a follow-up plan when needed99%100%
Tobacoo Assessment and Cessation InterventionPercentage of adult patients screened for tobacco use and if identified as a user, received cessation counseling interventionGoal: 99% of adult patients will be screened for tobacco use and receive cessation intervention when needed100%99%
Asthma Medication UsePercentage of patients 5-64 years of age identified as having persistent asthma and were appropriately ordered medicationGoal: 95% of patients with persistent asthma will be ordered a prescription for a preferred therapy99%95%