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Medical Home

Medical Home Overview

Diabetic Group

Diabetic Group

What is a medical home?

Is Patient Centered

•You, as a patient, are made the center of treatment through a team of providers working  with you and your family (as appropriate) together to give you the care you need.

•Together, you and your provider set health goals and work toward achieving those goals.

•A team of providers is there to care for you.

Is Comprehensive

A Medical Home is not like a regular doctor’s office, it is much, much more. Community Health Centers of Pinellas’ list of services is extensive. We offer Pediatric, Family Practice, and Obstetric and Gynecological services. Community Health Centers of Pinellas goes even further as a one-stop shop for your medical needs with an in-house Pharmacy and Dental services.

Community Health Centers of Pinellas also serves the community through a variety of wellness programs like:

Variety of Wellness Programs

Pediatric and Adult Nutritionist services
Diabetic Groups
Mednet© Services – A collaboration with Suncoast Health Councils that assists patients in accessing free prescriptions.
Smoking Cessation
Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment in collaboration with Operation PAR
Healthy Start Services

Ensures Continuity of Care

In an emergency event your Medical Home is equipped to arrange a transfer from one of our Centers to the nearest hospital and continue working with you during and after hospitalization.

Is Coordinated by the Primary Care Provider

In a Medical Home your care is guided by one of our Licensed, Board Certified providers instead of many. Because Community Health Centers of Pinellas offers so many services under the same roof our providers can easily communicate about your care with one another, cutting down on medical errors and miscommunication.

Why choose Community Health Centers of Pinellas as my Medical Home?

Community Health Centers of Pinellas:

•Offers affordable, high quality healthcare to all through a Medical Home model at  accessible times and locations beneficial to the Communities it serves.

•Provides access to a team of caring professional who want to ensure you remain healthy  and achieve your personal health goals.

•Is committed to a Medical Home that is patient centered, comprehensive, ensures  continuity of care and is coordinated by the Primary Care provider.

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Our Mission

Community Health Centers of Pinellas's mission is to provide quality healthcare services to all.