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Preparing for Hurricane Season

With everything going on, it is important we don't forget to prepare for hurricane season. A guide approved by the CDC has been put together to help you before, during, and after a hurricane. Click here to view.
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St Petersburg Brothers Receive Commissioner’s Leadership Award for Their Outstanding Community Support During Covid-19 Pandemic

St Petersburg, Fla., Monday, July 20, 2020- In recognition of their hard work and contributions to the community, St Petersburg brothers, Bill and Tim Baptiste, were honored with the prestigious Commissioner’s Leadership Award at the State Board of Education meeting on Wednesday, July 15th.

Bill and Tim Baptiste joined Community Health Centers of Pinellas (CHCP) as Certified Medical Assistants in October 2018. The brothers were students at St. Petersburg College’s Certified Medical Assistant program where they were on full scholarship through the PITCH program. The PITCH program is an initiative of the City of St. Petersburg Cohort of Champions, which helps young men aged 18-24 from disadvantaged backgrounds access training that leads to employment in technical industries. It was during their training at SPC that they were introduced to Community Health Centers of Pinellas (CHCP) as externs, where they now work full time.

The young men were nominated by the PITCH Coordinator for their outstanding performance in the program. The brothers, aged 21 and 19, stepped up to join other healthcare professionals on the front-line battle against Covid-19, assisting at one of several COVID-19 testing centers operated by Community Health Centers of Pinellas. They are often the first to greet patients seeking testing at the Johnnie Ruth Clarke Center on 22nd St. South in St. Petersburg.

In addition to working full-time as Certified Medical Assistants at CHCP, Bill and Tim are students at St Petersburg College taking courses to gain admission into the Associate in Science Nursing program.

CHCP, a Federally Qualified Health Center with 12 Locations across Pinellas County and a Mobile Health Center, has been instrumental in offering Coronavirus testing to residents. Their partnership with St. Petersburg College has allowed many young professionals, including Tim and Bill, to kick-start their career in the health care field.

“Bill and Tim came to CHCP through our partnership with the St. Petersburg College Certified Medical Assistant program,” said Elodie Dorso, Chief Executive Officer of CHCP, “These two young men are the perfect example of how we can impact young lives when we work together as a community. This partnership allows us to work with SPC to fill a health care workforce gap and advance the wellbeing of our community at large. By providing opportunities to students from surrounding communities we are able to help close the skills gap by earning practical experience that they need to enter the workforce. We are so proud to have Bill and Tim as part of the CHCP Team.”

Achieving their current position has been no easy feat for the pair. The brothers acknowledge that they would not be where they are now had it not been for St. Petersburg College’s Certified Medical Assistant program and the outstanding support and encouragement of the PITCH program and its staff.

“I am grateful because I come from an environment where most fail, fail and fail, and St. Petersburg College showed me how you can make something of yourself, and that with an education, anything is possible.” said Bill.

Bill and Tim are the first in their family to attend college. Bill intends to go on to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and eventually become a Nurse Practitioner.

Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran presented the award to the two brothers at the State Board of Education Meeting Wednesday at Strawberry Crest High School in Dover.

Community Health Centers of Pinellas, Inc., (CHCP) is a not-for-profit healthcare organization that has been providing affordable, quality primary healthcare services to the residents of Pinellas County for since 1985; becoming a Federally Qualified Health Center in 1993. CHCP provides: Family and Pediatric Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology Care, and Dental Care. CHCP has 12 healthcare facilities Center throughout Pinellas County and a Mobile Health Center that offer affordable healthcare: accepting most major insurances and offering a sliding fee discount program for eligible individuals.

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Lealman Center Offering Dental Services for Well Child Patients

Our new Lealman Dental Department will only be seeing Well-Pediatric Dental Patients (18 years old and younger) to keep children safe during the pandemic, while still providing essential services to maintain oral health.

Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm
4950 34th St. North, St. Petersburg, FL 33714

     • Emergency Exams
     • Routine Dental Exams
     • X-Rays
     • Cleanings*
     • Fluoride
     • Sealants*
     • Fillings*
     • Extractions

* Patients can only have one guardian with them during the appointment. In our efforts to practice safely and protect staff and patients during the COVID-19 Pandemic, some elective and non-urgent procedures may be postponed, per recommendation of your dentist.

CHCP Celebrates Juneteenth

Community Health Centers of Pinellas has its roots in the African American community.
These roots are deep and abiding.
CHCP was born of the need to fight a lack of access to quality health care in the African American community.
Decades later, we stand firm in our service and commitment.
We celebrate the liberation of African Americans from slavery in Texas on June 19th, 1865.
These slaves had been kept from knowing they had been legally emancipated two years prior by President Lincoln, on January 1, 1863.
We stand with African Americans, scores of companies, and 47 states across the nation, in recognition of Juneteenth on June 19, 2020.
We stand firm against racial injustice.
We stand firm against social inequity.
We stand firm against racial discrimination at every level of society and within
every and any institution.
We support the communities we serve by creating innovative health care
initiatives that address racial and ethnic inequities.
We continue to focus on the environmental and structural root causes of health
disparities for all vulnerable populations in our community.
In addition, we are pleased to publicly announce the addition of a new African-American member to our leadership team, Giovanna Taylor, who will serve as Director of Community Relations.

Ms. Taylor has extensive experience in organizational and workforce development, community relations, and partnership development. She will play a crucial role in helping to identify and shape new initiatives to improve opportunities for racial minorities within our organization and in the community.

We invite positive and creative ideas and solutions from CHCP staff, patients, and the communities we serve.

You are invited to submit your positive thoughts and ideas via this link:

Positive & Creative Solutions

CHCP...Here for you!

Video from The Guardian News

Discussing Race with your Children

Our Children's Mental Health Initiative Team has put together a list of resources to help you discuss race with your children. Click here to view.

A Message from our Chief Medical Officer Regarding COVID-19

Community Health Centers of Pinellas’ number one priority is ensuring the health and wellbeing of our patients, our staff and our community. We have been monitoring the COVID -19, working closely with the Florida Dept. of Health to ensure we are adhering to the guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and that we are sharing the most current, accurate information.

We continue to monitor the rapidly evolving information and will share all updates with staff, on social media, and our website. Some key information as it relates to what we know today:
• For most people, the immediate risk of being exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19 is thought to be low
• Travelers returning from affected international locations where community spread is occurring are at an elevated risk of exposure

If you have a fever, cough, shortness of breath, or if you have come into close contact with someone known to have Coronavirus and/or traveled out side the country in the past 14 days, please call ahead before you come into the health center and inform us of these symptoms and risk factors. This will allow us to provide you with the best possible route of care when you arrive.

For more information and the latest updates, please visit This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or the Coronavirus Hotline at 866-779-6161

Dr. Nichelle Threadgill
Chief Medical Officer

Family Planning

Family Planning Services Offered at Tarpon Springs and Bayfront!

We have recently expanded our Family Planning services to our Tarpon Springs and Bayfront locations. We currently offer Family Planning services at Clearwater, Johnnie Ruth Clarke, and Pinellas Park locations. 

CHCP’s Family Planning services are offered to males and females from teens to adulthood.

Family Planning and Clinical Health Services Include:
- Preconception health screenings
- STD testing and vaccinations
- Pregnancy testing and counseling
- Contraceptive services

CHCP Welcomes Medical-Legal Partners

Improving health outcomes for our patients is heavily dependent on non-medical factors called Social Determinants of Health. Social Determinants of Health are, “conditions in the environment in which people are born, live, learn, work, play, worship, and age, that affect a wide range of health, functioning, and quality-of-life outcomes and risks.”

One of the factors that can remove barriers to care experienced by low-income individuals is access to qualified legal assistance. In order to help people receive such assistance, the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg funded a joint project of Community Health Centers of Pinellas, Bay Area Legal Services, and Gulfcoast Legal Services.

The goal of the Medical-Legal Partnership (MLP) is to connect low-income patients with chronic medical problems to qualified and affordable legal assistance.
CHCP’s team will identify patients meeting the established project criteria and refer them to Bay Area Legal Services, stationed at Johnnie Ruth Clarke, or Gulfcoast Legal Services, stationed at Clearwater. Participating legal partners will provide necessary professional assistance to qualified and selected CHCP patients with chronic diseases.
The project beginning date is December 2018.